Founder’s story

Giuliana Rusi, the heart and soul of Mia First - Venezia, narrates her transformative journey from the bustling streets of Shanghai back to the serene canals of Venice. 

Her extensive career in the banking sector took her around the world for many years, embedding in her a deep love for travel, diverse cultures, human connections, and the thrill of ever-changing landscapes. 

This globetrotting life, split between her professional duties, the years living abroad and her familial ties in Italy, birthed the necessity for something more than just a bag – it called for a companion that could carry her essentials and her emotional connections to her roots in Venice.

The conceptualization 

The idea of Mia First - Venezia was born out of Giuliana's struggle to find the perfect "container" that could blend emotional needs with professional functionality and elegance. 

Returning to Italy wasn't easy; her years in Shanghai had reshaped her vision for the future. 

Driven by a desire to create something uniquely hers, Giuliana envisioned crafting the dream bag she had always sought but never found. This vision led to the birth of Mia First Venezia – a brand that encapsulates her creativity, personal style, passion for travel, and deep love for Italy.

Brand philosophy and values

At Mia First - Venezia, each bag is more than an accessory; it's a story, a journey, a piece of art.

Giuliana's commitment to blending fashion with luxury, travel, and the authenticity of Italian craftsmanship is palpable in every design. 

The brand's dedication to creating products that enhance lives is its guiding star. 

Each bag is a unique narrative, numbered and limited in quantity, ensuring exclusivity and personal connection to its owner.

Commitment to Venice and Italian Heritage

The name 'Mia First - Venezia' is a tribute not only to Giuliana's birthplace but also to her maternal family name, ‘Venezia”.

This dual significance cements the brand's roots in the rich cultural tapestry of Venice, reflecting Giuliana's pride in her heritage and her mother's enduring influence.

A vision for the future

Giuliana sees Mia First - Venezia as a convergence of her many passions – fashion, luxury, travel, and the true essence of 'Made in Italy'.

Balancing this dream with family life is challenging, yet rewarding. The joy and pride she feels when a customer cherishes a Mia First - Venezia bag affirm her belief in her vision.

Mia First Venezia is more than a luxury brand; it's a personal story, a cultural homage, and a testament to the power of dreams.

It stands as a beacon for those who value not just the elegance and functionality of a bag, but also the stories, heritage, and passion woven into its creation.

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