Care and maintenance

Mia First Venezia bags are made to last over time and we want to give you some information on how to take care of yours.

Be careful with disinfectant gels

Hand gels contain over 70% alcohol and can damage the skin by causing stains that cannot be removed.

How to treat the leather of your bag

The basic versions of the Mia First Venezia bags and clutches (models: MiaBāo, MiaCity and PetiteMia) are made with leather treated with a special technique that protects them from water and fading. You can therefore clean your bag with water and neutral detergent (no alcohol) using a damp cloth.

Be sure to test the product on an inconspicuous part of your bag before applying it to the entire surface.

If the bag gets wet due to rain, we suggest you remove the water as soon as possible and let it dry away from heat sources and the sun. From time to time, clean it with a damp cloth.

When you're not using it

If you don't use your bag for a while, put it in its bag with a little paper inside to keep it in shape. For the MiaBāo and MiaCity models we recommend detaching the handle and shoulder strap and placing them inside the bag.

How to wear MiaBāo and MiaCity

The MiaBāo model has 6 modes of use: by hand, short shoulder strap (extending the handle), long shoulder strap, crossbody and as a backpack. Furthermore, inside you will find the detachable clutch bag.

For greater safety it is preferable to close the double-sliding zip located under the flap, especially when your bag is fully loaded.

Furthermore, for frequently used items, such as a phone or wallet, you will find the zip pocket on the back very practical.

We suggest not lifting the bag by just one side of the shoulder strap, especially if it is very heavy, to avoid subjecting the skin to stress. It is always preferable to lift the bag by the handle.

If the bag is very heavy, we suggest using it in the hand, short shoulder strap or backpack versions, leaving the one shoulder and shoulder versions when the bag is less loaded.

These small attentions will help you preserve the shape and structure of the bag itself.

We also suggest all the same attention for the MiaCity model which differs only in its smaller size and the absence of the pocket square.

How to use the pouch supplied with the MiaBāo model.

The clutch bag must be detached from inside the bag using the cufflinks located on the sides of the bag.

You can use it either as an iPad holder (in fact it is slightly padded) or as an actual bag.

In both cases, to use it by hand or over the shoulder, simply unhook the handle of the main bag thanks to the practical snap hooks and hook it to the side rings of the clutch bag.

The handle can be easily extended by 10 cm by unhooking the end from the cufflink and sliding it until it is fixed in the hole provided.

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