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Exclusive and limited collections

Our collections make a statement of both class and practicality, tailored for the modern and sophisticated woman seeking versatility without compromising style.

Handcrafted with meticulous care and obsessive attention to detail, in limited and numbered editions, Mia First – Venezia work bags are ready to become your companions on many adventures, in your career, personal life and travels.

Elegant bags for every situation

The iconic work bag MiaCity can be carried by hand for a touch of elegance during formal meetings, worn crossbody for a sporty style, or transformed into a backpack for commuting or travel.

We've considered every detail for frequent travelers, featuring a strap at the back to secure it conveniently to your trolley, ensuring it stays in place. Additionally, a spacious zippered pocket at the back keeps your essentials like phone, keys, passport, and more within easy reach when you need to move quickly.

Crafted with scratch-resistant and water-resistant leathers, Mia First – Venezia bags are designed to face any challenge, combining timeless aesthetics that seamlessly fit into the fast-paced lifestyle.

Combine our bags with PetitaMia clutches

For your lunch breaks, evening outings, weekends and leisure time, we've introduced PetiteMia, a clutch that matches your work bag and doubles as an iPad holder.

Our limited and numbered editions make each bag unique, just like you.

Excellence in craftsmanship and eco-friendly materials

Mia First Venezia is committed to sustainability and supports the preservation of local excellences. How?

Producing in Italy with lasting quality

Our bags are handcrafted by skilled artisans who care for and respect both people and the territory. With timeless models and colors that defy transient trends, our bags can be worn for years, gaining the warmth that only leather can offer through use.

Avoiding overproduction and waste

Producing in small quantities allows us to avoid environmental waste. Additionally, leather scraps leftover from production are utilized to create small accessories that complement our bags.

Using only certified eco-friendly leathers

The leather production process has a significant environmental impact, and that's why we've chosen to use leathers produced by the Italian Mastrotto Group of Arzignano (Vicenza), guaranteed by the German Blauer Engel certification.

Blauer Engel certified products provide increased environmental protection and health benefits through several concrete advantages:

  • Reduced water consumption in various production phases;
  • Use of sustainably produced raw materials;
  • Prudent use of resources during use or disposal;
  • No harmful effects on health and the environment due to low emissions;
  • Ease of recycling.

Watch the video and discover our method

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